Defensive Driving Is Not Enough, Get Covered with Auto Insurance

We have nothing against defensive driving.

In fact, we fully support it, we encourage our friends and acquaintances to practice and observe it, and we urge our own family members to undergo trainings and seminars related to it.

Defensive driving is a big help in protecting the lives, limbs and properties of motorists. But there are limits to what it can do.

For instance, it would be rendered inutile in an unfortunate incident where we share the highway with another reckless driver or someone under the influence of either alcohol or prohibited drugs.  It would prove no match to a rampaging flood or a heavy snow storm or a strong earthquake that causes a huge sinkhole to appear right in the middle of a highway gobbling up cars.

It goes without saying defensive driving is not enough, thus we need something more potent and effective for us to be fully protected.

The answer to that is auto insurance.  In cases where defensive driving fails us, there’s always the dependable auto insurance to come to our rescue.

Attractive yet Affordable Auto Insurance from Downstate Group LLC

Our insurance firm Downstate Group LLC, the cost-friendly provider of Auto Insurance in Spring Hill Florida, offers auto insurances with unmatched benefits at costs that are not going to bore a hole on your pocket. We have both personal auto insurance and commercial auto insurance packages specifically cut out for your needs, budget and lifestyle.

To all private vehicle owners in this part of the state of Florida and owners of businesses maintaining a fleet of vehicles, the answer to your need for beneficial and affordable auto insurance is just within your vicinity and it comes by the name of Downstate Group LLC.

Other Top-Rated Products

While we serve as the top destination for seekers of attractive auto insurance plans, we are also the source of other equally fascinating insurance products and services.  Below are some of them:

  • Business Insurance
  • Contractor’s General Liability
  • Home Insurance
  • Workers Compensation

Over the years, we have grown to become one of Florida’s most trusted insurance agencies. Each day, we are blessed with the opportunity to help private individuals, home owners, car owners and businessmen protect the properties and people that are important to them.

We know that in your life, there are several types of insurance that you may require. But with Downstate Group LLC, you only need to work with our agency to cover for ALL of your risk management needs.

Set an appointment with any of our sales agents by dialing 877-755-9950.  Or you can relay your requests to us through email at or through our website


Three Possible Outcomes When Workers Compensation Are Not Given In Full and On Time

We all know that the employees serve as the backbone of any company. Without them, no company can ever stand nor move forward. That is why it is very important that we always have their welfare taken cared in case the company suffers in terms of financial aspect. This means, we have to make sure that the source of their compensation, which is their primary need from us, is covered until such time that the company gets back on its feet. If we do not do this, negative consequences might happen which can sometimes be irreversible.

There will be a decrease in productivity.
Workers labor primarily for wages. If we don’t give that to them, we cannot expect them to offer their free service to us. That is why the normal reaction when employees don’t receive their salaries in full and on time is low productivity. Employees immediately get demotivated especially when hygiene factors like compensation is denied from them.

There is an increased risk in attrition.
Next to low productivity would be attrition. If a company continues to fail in terms of complete and timely salary release, these people who have the skills and are fairly marketable will surely go out of the company and look for better opportunities elsewhere. When a company is without money and without people, there would be nothing left to it.

The company branding will be adversely affected.
Companies need good branding to continue to be preferred by external and internal customers. If news about failure to pay salaries ever leak to the public, it would create a very bad impression to consumers, clients, stakeholders, and even future employees who would have been interested to be a part of the company.

These are the reasons why the compensation of employees should first be taken cared of before any investment, expansions, and other projects are considered. But we understand that businesses and the industry in general can experience ups and highs which may be difficult to foresee. So to make sure that the wage due to employees will always have a source, it is best for businesses to avail of employees compensation insurance.

Downstate Group LLC is more than just a provider of Auto Insurance in Spring Hill Florida. We also offer business insurance and workers compensation to companies who need this kind of assurance and coverage. Get an instant quote today by logging on to our website at

For other insurance needs like auto, commercial auto, home, and contractors general liability, we all have that offered in Downstate Group LLC. You may give us a call at 877-755-9950 today for complete details. Our agents and staff are always ready to be of service.

Why You Need to Have Auto Insurance

Imagine cruising along to work, you take the same road each and every day and most of the time it is uneventful. However, on this early morning someone is driving under the influence and is heading straight towards you, but before you have time to react everything turns to black and you wake up to find yourself upside down. Your car has been flipped over and is a total wreck, so what are you suppose to do? Thanks to Downstate Group LLC you do not have to worry about draining your bank account because we offer a wide selection of different kinds of auto insurance in Spring Hill Florida.

Insurance is Critical

You never know when you will be the victim of a car accident and when you do become a victim, it is important to be prepared. Cars are not cheap and repairing them can cost a fortune. This is why you need to make sure you can talk to Downstate Group LLC and find the perfect auto insurance in Spring Hill Florida that can match all your needs.

Protecting your Finances

Repairing a car after it was involved in a car accident can be an extremely expensive affair. Especially with modern cars, just getting a new paint job can set you back thousands of dollars. So if you do not want to go bankrupt because of someone else’s bad driving then it is so important to think about finding some superb auto insurance in Spring Hill Florida. Even though insurance may seem pricey, at the end of the day it will be well worth it during that one time you find yourself in a car accident. It only takes one person to ruin your day, so just be prepared for the worst.

Contact Downstate Group LLC if you want to get auto insurance or if you want to learn more about your insurance options. You can call us at 877-755-9950.

How To Avoid Various Kinds Of Insurance Fraud

We at Downstate Group LLC offer several types of insurance policies. These include business insurance, home insurance, and Auto Insurance in Spring Hill Florida, among others. We make sure that you and your property are insured. However, you have to be vigilant with regards to dealing with several insurance companies that are in existence today.

Nowadays, lots of people become victims of various kinds of insurance fraud. Here at Downstate Group LLC, we believe that knowledge on the matter is an important of being vigilant. Here are some of the kinds of insurance fraud that any individual may come across with and how you can avoid them.

Unlicensed Insurance Agents

Insurance agents need to possess licenses for them to legally sell different types of insurance policies. For instance, one needs to have a license specifically for selling Auto Insurance in Spring Hill Florida.

You should be wary of an agent who cannot show his license, seldom or does not report in an office, hard to contact, or only sells insurance plans part-time. You need to make sure that the license is valid and current through checking with the state insurance department in your area.

Fake Insurance Policies

If an agent does not have a license, then, most likely, the policies that he sells are fake. If an insurance firm does not provide you with enough company information, such as address or contact numbers, you should be wary about them.

Before you purchase any kind of insurance policy from a particular company, or make any kind of payment, you should first check their reputation and their legality. You can call the appropriate local authorities for these details.

Fraud in Insurance Premiums

When you send money to the insurance company through an agent, the agent might keep the money for himself. There are a number of agents who do so. As a result, the firm might not issue you the insurance policy that you bought or cancel your existing one.

To avoid these scenarios, it is best to directly make your payments to the insurance company itself. A reputable and legal insurance firm sends you the bill on your home address or business address. As much as possible, you should avoid paying in cash for premium payments and use checks or credit or debit cards, instead. This way, you will be able to trace payments and transactions with bank records.

We at Downstate Group LLC are committed to providing you with authentic policies such as Auto Insurance in Spring Hill Florida. Call us at 877-755-9950 and choose from our different policies that are available and tailor-fit for you.

Welcome To The Wonderful World Of Insurance Selling

Sales people from any industry uphold special reverence for those selling insurance.

They say real salesmanship takes place when one is selling insurance policies. The reason? Insurance sales agents sell an intangible commodity (granting we consider what they sell as a commodity). To say that selling a “what if” scenario to a sales prospect is difficult is an understatement.

Insurance selling takes out a plethora of talent, skills and traits from an agent – from perseverance, to determination to patience to the ability to absorb rejections (which abound in the insurance market) and many others.

Kiss A Lot Of Frogs

The story about a fairy tale princess who kisses a lot of frogs to be able to find her prince aptly applies to those selling insurance. Objections are always the order of the day in the marketplace, so the agent must possess the doggedness of the princess in finding her prince.

Not only are objections abundant, competition similarly thrives.

It goes without saying it takes a special person with special skills-set, innate talent and unflinching resolve to succeed in the insurance arena.

Reap The Benefits Of Hard Work

The extraordinary effort of an insurance agent is paid very handsomely. You can see successful insurance people sporting state of the art cars, living in big houses, sending their children to top notch schools, taking vacations yearly and maintaining fat bank accounts.

But more than the material gains is the realization about what kind of a person he/she is really made of, the realization that he/she is a cut above the selling profession.

Welcome to Downstate Group LLC

If you have what it takes to succeed in the wonderful world of insurance selling, come and join Downstate Group LLC the premier agency for Auto Insurance in Spring Hill Florida.

You will not go wrong with us. The Downstate Group LLC markets several types of insurance that any client may require. When it comes to all risk management needs, the Auto Insurance in Spring Hill Florida maintains all of them in its portfolio.

Here are just some of the insurance services that we market:

  • Business Insurance
  • Commercial Auto Insurance
  • Contractor’s General Liability
  • Home Insurance
  • Personal Auto Insurance
  • Workers Compensation

Besides that, the marketer of Auto Insurance in Spring Hill Florida is affiliated with insurance companies and providers who share our commitment in satisfying clients as far as affordability and comprehensive coverage goes. We also provide the best customer care with a team of agents who are ready to answer your questions and even assist you with possible changes to your policy as the need arises.

Our office at 12553 Spring Hill Drive, Spring Hill, Florida 34609 is always open for you. If you’re too busy to visit us, you can call us anytime at 877-755-9950. You can also send your queries to us via our email address at, Please take time to visit our website

We would like to hear from you. Please join our discussion by posting your views and comments on the box provided below.

Quick Guide: Key Ideas about Purchasing Auto Insurance [Part II]

Downstate Group LLC, a quality provider of auto insurance in Spring Hill Florida, typically aims to give the finest plan for your car’s auto insurance. In this article, we will continue the things on what you have to know about purchasing auto insurance.

What you can do (continued):

  • Check into optional coverage
    Do not forget about checking out your provider of auto insurance in Spring Hill Florida on their optional coverage. They should have a wide-range of options and comprehensive coverage pays that will surely accommodate your specific needs and conditions. Check our quality providers like Downstate Group LLC for more information on optional coverage for your auto insurance.
  • Distinguish tort system from no-fault system
    Each state has a tort or no-fault system that determines the kind of insurance available to you. The tort system offers three basic coverages—property damage liability insurance, bodily injury liability insurance, and uninsured motorists coverage. On the other hand, the coverage under a no-fault state varies as the insurance company pays you directly for your losses as a result of injuries sustained in the accident regardless who is at fault. Contact you state insurance department to know more about this.
  • Understand your policy carefully
    Always be 100% sure about key terms especially with insurance jargons that might sound common but have different meanings in the insurance industry. You can ask your insurance agent to explain to you each part.
  • Know where to go for information and problems
    In case of emergencies, know where you can go, like for instance, your state insurance department. You also go to different available information providers and sources like public libraries, online resources, consumer groups, and consumer publications.

Other buyer reminders:

  • Plan properly
  • Pay bills on time
  • Check deployment options
  • Know more about special military rules
  • Understand insurance terms
  • Consider gap coverage for new cars

Downstate Group LLC is the quality provider of auto insurance in Spring Hill Florida that you should consider today! Our auto insurance agents only provide the best services only for you and the circumstances that you are involved. We aim to meet our clients’ end and prioritize equally in terms of insurance claims. Know more about our auto insurance policies today! For more information, you can contact us at: 877-755-9950.You can also visit us at for more of our services. Drive safely!

Quick Guide: Key Ideas about Purchasing Auto Insurance [Part I]

There are so many concerns and ideas about auto insurance with the tons of information online and print, which are available for you to read. Having too many choices cause confusion and delay with your work. Hence, Downstate Group LLC, a quality provider of auto insurance in Spring Hill Florida, gives you the key ideas or the most important things that you have to know about auto insurance:

Insurance Rate– This is affected by two (2) major factors: underwriting/ financing; and rating. Underwriting is when an insurance company assesses the risks involving in an applicant/group applicant to let the company decides if they will accept the application or not. On the other hand, the rating has a price equivalent based on the insurer’s credible evaluations.

Other factors involved in the variation of your insurance rate:

  • Gender & age – males have more accidents; certain age groups have more claims
  • Vehicle usage – higher annual mileage results in higher exposure to risk
  • Driving history – drivers with previous violations or accidents have high risks
  • Topography/geographical location – urban areas have more claims than rural areas
  • Prior insurance coverage – if you have been cancelled for non-payment of premiums
  • Marital status – married people show lower rates of claims
  • Maker & model of your vehicle – luxury and sports cars average a higher number of claims

Rating system – Each company has their own rating system which is also in accordance to the standard guidelines for insurance companies. The biggest factor on the rating process is claim frequency. Claim frequency is the number of times an insured event occurs within a group/client relative to the number of policies they all have. The higher claims, the higher the charge is for the insurance coverage.

What you can do:

  • Shop around before you buy
    It would be best if you know where you can make the most of your investment. Shop around the prominent stores with good auto insurance providers. If you have chosen Downstate Group LLC as your auto insurance in Spring Hill Florida, then you can ensure standard quality of service for your investment.
  • Check insurance company’s background
    Check their history and track record for the claims that the company has experienced and how they were able to professionally face it. Claims can be complicated for some insurance companies but for a quality provider of auto insurance in Spring Hill Florida like Downstate Group LLC, you can ensure quality standard formal proceedings in a short span of time.
  • Ask for insurance discounts
    You can actually ask from your agents for discounts for you to be able to meet your ends as well. Consider auto insurance in Spring Hill Florida as a good choice for your car’s future. You can ask customer-centered providers like Downstate Group LLC for discounts.